AGE STOP: Anti-Aging

  • Anti UV Protection

    Color Glo exclusive technology. Made in USA.

  • Rejuvenate Old Surface

    Replenishes the beauty of old and damaged leather materials and surfaces.

  • Retain Surface Texture

    Whatever the surface, AGE STOP maintains factory feels and texture.

  • Anti Liquid and Stains

    Repels liquid and stains from being absorbed by the surface.

  • FAA & ISO Certification

    ISO quality system and available in Federal Aviation Administration standards.


Birthed from a 40-year experience in leather restoration and repair, AGE STOP is Color Glo International’s latest product breakthrough. Utilising Anti-Aging formula, AGE STOP renews the look of old and tired interior/exterior surfaces, while applying protective coating to new materials. Whether it’d be leather, vinyl, fabric, carpet, fibreglass or plastic, AGE STOP is capable of rejuvenating these surfaces’ original colours while protecting it from future damages. Applied by ISO-certified Color Glo team and compliant to environmental safety standards, AGE STOP represents the best investments to your prized luxury items.

AGE STOP should only be applied by Color Glo International certified experts and applicators.

Main Features

  1. Protects against dirt and grease. Prevent body creams, lotions and cosmetics from causing stains, discolouration and transformation of surfaces.
  2. Prevents colour transfers from clothes and jeans to surfaces.
  3. Minimises damage from ballpoint pen marks and scratches.
  4. UV-protection formula prevents discolourations and cracks that are caused by prolonged sun exposure.
  5. Minimises wrinkles and degradations caused by aging up to 95%.
  6. Repels water and fluids from being absorbed by surface.
  7. Maintains surface colour and shine.
  8. Protects surface at a lifetime of 2-5 years (depends on package)
  9. Surfaces become easy to clean and less prone to dust-sticking.
  10. 100% environmentally-friendly, safe for human, animal and plant.