AGE STOP for Furniture

  • Anti UV Protection

    Color Glo exclusive technology. Made in USA.

  • Rejuvenate Old Surface

    Replenishes the beauty of old and damaged leather materials and surfaces.

  • Retain Surface Texture

    Whatever the surface, AGE STOP maintains factory feels and texture.

  • Anti Liquid and Stains

    Repels liquid and stains from being absorbed by the surface.

  • FAA & ISO Certification

    ISO quality system and available in Federal Aviation Administration standards.

Residential & Commercial Specialty

Keep all your leather/vinyl/plastic furniture longer and restore them to a like-new status. We do all our repairs on site, which eliminates any possible downtime for our customers and keeps your employees happy and productive.

  • On-site service. Property never leaves customer site. Minimizes downtime and risks.
  • Cost effective. Compared to entire surface replacement costs, Color Glo expert service represents only a fraction of that cost.
  • Restored items = higher retail value. Brighter, like-new surfaces would be much easier to sell at the second-hand markets at higher prices.
  • Permanent lasting repairs. Specially formulated proprietary water-based product (non-flammable and odorless) delivers years of product service.
  • Recoloring. Color Glo offers color-change programs to transform your old-and-dated furniture into modern piece of arts.


  • Cleaning and conditioning

    Thorough cleaning of built up soiling, newsprint ink or ink stains, removing simple scuffs, applying a final coat of leather conditioner.

  • Repairing worn areas

    Many high wear areas such as seat arm rests and upper back cushions have the actual coating worn thin or all the way through the actual finish coating thus exposing the actual leather to premature wear and leaving it unprotected from the elements. Cleaning, repairing surfaces, and redyeing with multiple coats of finish will bring these areas back to alike new condition.

  • Repairing damaged areas

    Many times faded colors, damaged surfaces from scuffs, scratches, holes, and cracking can be repaired to a like new condition. This would include leather, vinyl, and hard plastics. These areas are then redyed back to an original color.

  • Bringing back resiliency and protect

    FAA compliant AGE STOP anti-UV protective coating will be applied to all suitable surfaces to prevent future damages and scuffs. Patented AGE STOP coating prevents liquid and stains from being absorbed by materials, while maintaining original surface’s finish and texture.