AGE STOP Anti-Aging Protection

AGE STOP is an Anti-UV protection coating from Color Glo. It replenishes the beauty of old surfaces while protecting materials from liquid and stains. More info

  • Anti UV Protection

    Color Glo exclusive technology. Made in USA.

  • Rejuvenate Old Surface

    Replenishes the beauty of old and damaged leather materials and surfaces.

  • Retain Surface Texture

    Whatever the surface, AGE STOP maintains factory feels and texture.

  • Anti Liquid and Stains

    Repels liquid and stains from being absorbed by the surface.

  • FAA & ISO Certification

    ISO quality system and available in Federal Aviation Administration standards.

Repair, Protect, Recolor

Specialists in color repair, restoration and protection. We take care all types of damaged, mismatched, dirty, faded upholstery found in home, office, automobile, aircraft, boats and seating venues. We also offer re-dyeing and color change services for various kinds of materials, topping them off with AGE STOP coating for a long-lasting protection.

Interior and surface materials are the bread-and-butter of Color Glo operations. Our ISO certified team takes good care of various surfaces, from leather to plastic to headlights.




Residential & Commercial